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Our company possesses a 200m2 warehouse where all accessories are stored in a very organized manner so that we can ensure you will never be left waiting for a spare part or accessory. We have set up two separate production workshops to produce beauty salon equipment and home beauty equipment respectively. The beauty salon equipment production workshop is staffed by more than 40 dedicated technicians to ensure a smooth flow of production. It contains an assembly room where the tin solder and electronic elements are mounted on the printed circuit boards of different products. Each month we can produce more than 1,300 equipment pieces to meet the huge appetite of customers. The home beauty equipment production workshop is used to produce diversified products for home use, such as the intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, radio frequency (RF) machines, 808nm diode laser systems and LED spectrum masks, among others. Not only that, all sensitive components, such as laser handles, are produced in a dust-free room to ensure a high level of cleanliness.

At Eastbeauty we have established a rigorous quality control system to ensure our customers receive only the finest possible products. Aside from in-process inspection within assembly lines, the components and finished products will undergo high-temperature testing, accelerated aging testing, LCR testing, EMC testing, voltage withstand testing and other comprehensive testing to guarantee high quality.

Our finished product warehouse covers an area of over 600 square meters, where both the temperature and humidity are under the strictest supervision of professionals to ensure the safe storage of all products. Our products are normally packed in aircraft-grade aluminum alloy cases.

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